Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Valentine Treat for Someone Sweet-Hershey Candy Bar Wrappers for Valentine's Day

Take it from a chocoholic......It's so nice to receive chocolate, especially one that is all dressed up for the upcoming holiday. Valentine's Day chocolates are the best!  We've combined two shades of pink and put them on a background of grey for a sophisticated look.   The message we've added to the wrap is one that is appropriate for anyone you know....At least the "sweet" ones. (ha!)

It's a kit that you assemble.  The heart wreath comes fully assembled. All you do is glue the heart wreath it to the top of your wrap.  Then, using a foam dot, you attach the message tag in the center of the wreath. So easy!!!

We've designed the wrap to fit a 1.55 oz Hershey Bar (regular size bar)  

You can purchase Hershey Bars in a 6 pack at a very reasonable price. You can get them packaged that way in grocery stores, Walmart etc. 

We are included a heart shaped tag where you can write "To and From"  If you don't need the tag just leave it off of the wrap.  Who would you give one of these to? 

Mail carriers
Best Friends
School Secretary and Principle
Your Hair Stylist
Ladies you Visit Teach
Your Sweetheart
The Kids
and your Neighbors

Be sure to get yours early



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Friday, January 13, 2017

Heart to Heart Valentine Treat Box for family, friends, Co-workers and Teachers

While looking over my Valentine kits and printables I decided I wanted to redesign this cute heart box. I know, but I just couldn't help myself. We changed the shape of the top heart, added a glitter arrow, a cellophane bag and a cute bow with a glitter heart……I like this design much better……how about you? It's just a fun way to give a Valentine treat to someone special or lots of special people.  It elevates the treat that you put inside. How about the kid's teachers?

Here's a side view so you can get a better idea of what the box looks like. It measures 3.5" across the widest part of the heart and 4" tall. The perfect size for the snack size candy bars, Hershey Kisses, Hershey Nuggets and cookies. The conversation hearts will fit nicely inside too. 

You can also put any kind of loose candy in it and not worry about them spilling out since it is inside the clear cellophane bag.  Makes it easier for the kids to take to school for the Teacher.

Choose from 3 different messages. You order one message for your heart boxes or a variety of messages. It's totally up to you. What message do you need?

We know most of you need to put a name on your so we included a tag just for that reason.

Here we are showing you everything that is included in the kit.  Cellophane bag, bow, glitter heart, glitter arrow, heart box, twine, top heart and a message tag.  The crinkle paper isn't included in the kit  but you can purchase bags of crinkle paper at The Dollar Store for $1.

CLICK HERE to get these cute "Heart to Heart" candy boxes


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Monday, January 9, 2017

Valentine's Day Treat-Cupid's Arrow with Pixy Stix Candy-So much fun for Classroom Treats or Party Favors

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I'm sure you want the perfect treat for your kids to take to that their classmates will remember and love and one that will be easy for you to make.  These Cupid's Arrow treats are so easy to put together. It will take no time at all.  It's a kit where you will have everything you need to make these except the pixy stix candies.

Here's a closeup of the feather. Just slip the Pixy Stix through the openings. We use premium cardstock and twine to make up this kit.  You can find a package of Pixy Stix candies everywhere and for as little as $1.00. Check out the dollar store or your local Shopko for a good price.

Use  a glue dot, glue or glue strips to adhere the arrows to the bottom of the Pixy Stix.
I said it was easy didn't it?  

be sure to order early! 

CLICK HERE to get your kit


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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

(freebie) 24 Valentine Lunchbox Notes, Put a Little Love in the Kid's Lunchbox Today

Our Valentine Lunchbox Notes are available again. We'd love to share all 24 Valentine notes with you. Tell your friends about our free notes! 

Just leave your email in a comment below and we'll email you the file or contact us through our email

If you've never left a note if your children's lunchbox, you're in for a nice surprise. They will absolutely love getting a note from you. You can write a special note on the back too. It's like getting a hug from home during the school day

You can use these cards as gift tags too!  So many possibilities.  

  We have a lot of fun Valentine things to share so be sure to drop by our ETSY SHOP to see our other Valentine printables and kits.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Valentine Gift "Orange You Glad We're Friends, I am" Personalized Tags for Kids, Teachers, Families

Don't you just love Valentine's day!  The special treats, desserts and cards are very fun. But when it comes to taking treats to school you can run into problems.  This child is allergic to this and another  is allergic to something else. This child doesn't eat sugar..........  That's where giving a beautiful clementine for your Valentine's Day treat is the perfect solution.  Personally I have never heard of anyone being allergic to clementines, have you?  This treat will save you a lot of stress and it's a kit!  Let us gather everything you need to make this special treat and mail it to you. So simple to assemble and with the heart on the tag there is no mistaking that this is indeed a sweet Valentine's day treat. 

We thought it would also be a great treat for the teacher to give to her students.
We will PERSONALIZE  these tags with your name or a child's name. 

Everything you see here is included in the kit. You just assembble-super simple!

The crinkle paper isn't included in the kit but you can leave it out. If you decide you do want to include the brown crinkle paper you can pick up a bag at The Dollar Store for $1 and one bag is sure to be enough.

Let us personalize these tags for you or your kids so your Valentine's Day treat is a really a sweet and fun treat. Clementines or Cuties are what you use for this kit.

CLICK HERE to get the "Orange you glad we're friends"  kit for Valentine's Day (get your orders in early)


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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wrap Up Some Valentine Chocolates for your Sweetheart-So Easy to Do!

Valentine's Day is certainly the day to give and receive yummy chocolates and we've just made it easy for you to give chocolate that will be memorable.  Our Hershey chocolate bar wraps are simply beautiful but so easy to put together.....It's a kit.  We gather everything you need and mail it to your doorstep.  Everything is included except for the glue you need to assemble.  

Perfect for your sweetheart, family, friends, teacher appreciation and anyone else that you want to give something special, yet affordable, for Valentine's Day.

You can order the black polkadot one or the black checked one or some of both. Just assemble and slip the 1.55 oz chocolate Hershey bar into the wrap. Everything comes already cut out and ready to go. Just attach the doily with the red belly wrap and attach the hearts, arrow and message using foam dots (which are included in the kit) 

Even if you're not very crafty, you can do this project. Simple instructions are included.  You will be so pleased with the outcome.  Wouldn't this be a great gift for your family and friends too?

Oh, and we also have these wraps in a red theme!

CLICK HERE to get this kit of Valentine candy bar wraps


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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to Package your Christmas Treats to give to Family and Friends That Make Them Even More Special! Christmas Labels that are Perfect!

The baking season is in full swing now!  You'll be mixing and baking all your favorite recipes to give to family and friends, neighbors and even co-workers and bosses. Here's 2 labels to make your treats even more special. Just adhere them to your treat containers and you're done!

This label has a place for you to hand write your name. I just think it makes it more personal that way (instead of being printed with the label)  Muffins for Christmas morning breakfast makes a great gift too. 

We just folded the ends down over the edge of this container and taped it securely and added a Christmas bow. Love these sugar cookies with crushed peppermint on top. 

The label is printed on a sheet of 11" x 8.5" paper. Approximately ¼" on the sides of the label will be white.  However if you need a smaller label just trim it down. It doesn't have to wrap around a container but can just sit on top of it. 

The labels will also fit nicely around your homemade bread. whether they are sweet bread like shown above or white or wheat bread. The white part of the label measures 4" across.  Just using the label itself, and no ribbon, looks nice too. 

You can also use a contrasting ribbon on with the labels. We used green and white stripe ribbon with the red label and red and white ribbon with the green label.  

What's your favorite treat to give? Pumpkin chocolate chip bread is yummy!  So is a simple pound cake or a chocolate pound cake. A container full of peanut brittle would be great or even Divinity or Chocolate bark. 

What a great gift to give Teacher.  Fill any container with your favorite treats whether they be cookies, candy, breads, muffins, cupcakes or even fudge and then attach our Label.

Merry Christmas--Baking Spirits Bright!

Click HERE to get these labels for your Christmas Treats


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Giving Gift Cards to Family, Friends and Employees this Christmas? Here's the Perfect Gift Card Holder!

Everyone loves a gift card and it makes a fun and easy gift for Christmas.  What's their favorite store, their favorite hobby or interest? Once you know that, the gift card buying is simple!  We designed a gift card holder that looks like a present to put the gift cards in.  It's a present that looks like a present!!!  

What a great way to give the gift cards you're planning on giving to your employees this year!  We can do large quantities too! Especially fun to use for the company Christmas party gifts. 

I was shopping at Target yesterday and in the check-out stand I found this adorable Christmas gift card.  I had to buy the Santa gift card for my Christmas gift card giving. Who wouldn't LOVE a gift card from Cinemark, and you can personalize their gift cards. A favorite restaurant or even fast food joint is a good choice for gift cards. Personally I would love a gift card from Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's or Michaels Craft.  Do you know someone like that? 

This gift card holder comes in a kit where we gathered everything together that you need. It's super simple to assemble and you'll be pleased with how it looks. A gift envelope is also included. Gift cards shown are not included.

Here's what comes in the kit. How much fun is this going to be?  We've made the gift card holder sturdy by doubling the cardstock.  You'll be pleased. 

Whoever you give one of these to they will remember the gift card holder AND the gift card inside!  Head on over to our Etsy shop to get these for your family, friends, employees, the paper boy, your hair stylist etc.  Each one comes with their own white envelope. 


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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thanksgiving Sides & Desserts-Ready for a Change?

We all have fabulous Thanksgiving traditions including food traditions but sometimes we feel like we need to make some changes. So okay! We've found some yummy things below that you might like to try for this upcoming holiday.  Rule is: Never make a new recipe up on the day of the event. Try it before...unless you are confidant of the turn-out.  Happy Eating Everyone!

Now this is going to make your Thanksgiving dinner much much easier. It's mashed potatoes that you can make up to 2 days in advance. I don't know about you but that's the hardest part of the dinner for me. Making sure the timing is right so they are hot when everything else is done.....and we make so many that we've got this giant pot on the stove (just kidding, not giant)  so I am definitely making my potatoes like this for my Thanksgiving dinner.  Head over to Jamie Cooks It Up to get the recipe and instructions.

Or if you don't want to have mashed potatoes but still want potatoes here's a yummy cheesy potato casserole that can be made the day before and popped into the oven before the turkey gets done. There's no potatoes to peel as you use frozen hash browns potatoes. Click HERE to get the recipe.

Imagine the surprise of the kids when they bite into this carrot and find it a little sweet.  You may have just gotten them to eat a carrot. Click HERE to get the recipe.

Have you ever made a gratin? They are very good. Basically they are a white sauce with cheese and spices/herbs over your favorite vegetable, in this case a cauliflower. Click HERE for this recipe--It's pretty simple and a nice change from plain veggies. Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa makes a really good cauliflower gratin and there's even a How-To Video that you can watch. Click HERE for that recipe and video. If you haven't watched Ina before....she's a fabulous cook but one of the few shows that actually teaches you while she cooks. I'm a fan!

Can't you just smell these sweet apples baking in the oven? It's a amazing but simple dessert for your family and easy to do.  Click HERE to get the recipe

And yes, you can have carrot cake for Thanksgiving. This one looks so yummy and moist. A few extra steps than your store bought cake mix but so worth it. IT's got coconut, pineapple and that's why it's so moist, and you can't beat cream cheese frosting. Another one that would put a smile on your family's faces!  Click HERE for the recipe.

For those of you who love cheesecake here's one a yummy one for Thanksgiving....Pumpkin cheesecake with a marshmallow topping. Now don't be afraid of making a cheesecake because it sounds too hard. It really isn't. Cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and in this case pumpkin are the basic ingredients. (this one has more ingredients because of the pumpkin)  Mix all together in your mixer and put into pan. Yeah, it's that easy. You'll be so proud of yourself!  Click HERE to get the recipe.

For those of you who are intimidated by a coconut cream pie but want one for Thanksgiving, I've found the solution. It's a Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie Bar. Same taste (only kicked up a notch by the chocolate) but in a easier format ( 9 x 13 pan)  You'll want to read what "Mel" has to say about this fabulous recipe so head over to Mel's Kitchen Cafe to get the recipe.  I am making this one for our Thanksgiving dinner too!

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